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Your Success is our goal. PreGrid provides exposure and opportunities to many entities that want and need your talent. PreGrid provides protected email communication for your fans and sponsors.

Sponsors and Drivers alike are coming to PreGrid to find and take advantage of the opportunities of exposure and strength in numbers. PreGrid is in the business of sharing information in order to maximize this exposure. To that end, we are sharing information with interested Sponsors, Manufacturers and Teams. However, we are not selling or sharing ANY information for any other purpose. You have agreed and put your trust in us to find the most effective way to advance your personal and/or corporate interests while keeping your private information private. If you are unclear or have any questions about our marketing and promotions process, please drop us a line and we'd be happy to help.

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Who then, does PreGrid share Information with?
Protected information is shared only with Interested Sponsors on a superficial basis, broken down by Demographic Impact. Once a Sponsor has chosen individual or groups of Teams/Drivers will more specific Promotional Materials be released to the Sponsor to be used exclusively for Marketing Purposes.

How does PreGrid protect us from unwanted solicitation or fans?
In order to protect our Members from adoring Fans or Unwanted Solicitations, PreGrid provides a dedicated Member Email Service that allows the General Public to send email and fan mail to a PreGrid controlled address to then be forwarded on to the Member. From there, it is up to the Member to return correspondence.

PreGrid offers services to provide automated or personalized Fan Club responses.
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