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Sponsor, Advertiser and Organizer Benefits

PreGrid Members participating in Sponsorship, Advertising and Event Organization Memberships receive the following benefits:

  • Increased Exposure at a Reduced Cost

PreGrid is a whole new way of looking at motorsports sponsorships…. Sponsorship Pools. In this way sponsors can spread out the impact of their marketing dollar over multiple drivers, events and venues. This unique approach provides a greatly increased exposure at a reduced cost.

Exposure to whom? PreGrid's unique approach has quite a few inherent benefits over traditional sponsorship programs. In a traditional sponsorship relationship, the sponsor or advertiser seasonally supports a vehicle in a field of many through any number of events and laps. During the competition, the vehicle passes by the spectators an average of once every two minutes providing a certain number of impressions per event.

Basically, sponsors are gambling that these impressions take root with the spectators who then act on the impression. Impressions are exponentially increased if that driver should prevail and is noted on the Winner's Podium, featured in news or magazine articles or perhaps shown on television.

A PreGrid Sponsorship is applied to ALL the participating PreGrid teams, drivers and vehicles competing at each event during the season. This increases the number of impressions per vehicle, per lap, per event, per season, decreasing the cost per impression.

The increased repetition embeds the product's image in the minds of the spectators, fans and other competitors, builds brand-loyalty and drives additional sales. This also greatly increases your likelihood of a Podium Finish and the resulting featured news, magazine and television coverage. This results in increased exposure, driving additional sales.

n addition to these impressions, the PreGrid members themselves are thousands of captured, brand-loyal customers ready to buy products and services necessary to continue their motorsports efforts

  • Sponsors have access to Valuable Demographic Research and Feedback

We utilize a specially developed and proprietary database network not only create a virtually unlimited method of braking down our driver and team members down to the most specific demographic profile but the ability to project the demographic profiles of their fan and consumer base as well.

Research and Marketing Firms that specialize in this kind of profiling charge thousands of dollars for the research that comes included in your PreGrid membership. The value in profiling comes in the pinpoint accuracy of delivering your message to potential customers and PreGrid's ever growing and intuitive database can provide virtually unlimited fine tuning of your demographic needs to impress upon more customers and sell more of your products or service.

  • Sponsors have access to Special Events and Promotional Opportunities

Periodically throughout each year, PreGrid puts on a series of events for sponsors to come and personally meet, work with and build relationships with PreGrid drivers and teams. These events are also a great opportunity for PreGrid sponsors to bring customers, potential customers, friends and family to an exciting and highly impressive event building brand loyalty and long lasting relationships.

In addition, sponsors can arrange to be the primary sponsor of a racing series, competitive event or special motorsports gathering. In this capacity, everyone is your guest and your company, product and services are the focal point. For example, the “Busch Series” or the “Nextel Cup” sponsors routinely invite their employees, families, business relations and the general fan and media base to come and enjoy their hospitality, engage in an exciting event and provide lasting memories proven to build life-long brand loyalty.

For a smaller or more specific purpose, PreGrid can provide a team, driver or group of drivers for product releases, press relations, promotional events, track days, television or advertising usage… whatever your marketing needs require and demographically focused.

  • Diversified Exposure

Sponsors, Advertisers and Event Promoters have great diversity in selecting their demographic reach and target audiences by having access to multiple forms of motorsports, a wide range of events and venues and a great variety of drivers and teams.

Demographically, your product may appeal to road course, rally, motorcycle racing and desert racing fans. Unlike the traditional formats, your sponsorship can be included in the pools for all of these amazing and exciting forms of motorsports give you the very best and greatest exposure, a lower cost per impression and higher return on investment

  • Sponsorship Options

PreGrid sponsors and advertisers have the unique ability to spread out and maximize their sponsorship costs and options. Sponsors can participate in virtually any combination of the driver pools, PreGrid corporate sponsorship, sponsor events, award contingency cash and/or prizes, provide different levels of discounts to the various levels of driver tiers or even focus their advertising toward one or more emerging stars or teams. That's the beauty of PreGrid, you HAVE the options to fine tune and focus your advertising budget, target your audience and increase your return.

Another profitable option is to market your products and services in the PreGrid on-line store. You provide the goods and services the driver pools need and in tern, you get a brand loyal and dedicated target rich consumer base that is ready made, ready to buy and ready to share with their fans, friends and companions.

Each option has distinct benefits and should be discussed with your PreGrid representative to maximize your efforts.

  • Budgeting Flexibility

Most sponsors and advertisers work with a annualized budget. However, as your business grows or if you need an unbudgeted increase in market exposure, PreGrid can focus your advertising to a specific event, varied number of drivers or a partial season purchase. PreGrid is prepared to grow with you as you realize your return on investment in advertising.

PreGrid offers you increasingly greater opportunities as our member bases grow, we have several other value added resources to make your relationship with PreGrid increase your reach, stretch your advertising dollar and reach more customers and a lower cost per impression.

  • Media Placement Discounts

PreGrid offers its sponsors and members deeply discounted media placement through DMedia. Your membership allows you to place your creative marketing materials in over 600 Nationally syndicated publications such as Road and Track , Car & Driver , Motorweek , Racer , Grassroots Motorsports and a host of other magazines and virtually every other high end publication on the market from Time Magazine to Better Homes and Gardens .

These discounts are based on your budget, targeted magazine selection and size of ad, but DMedia routinely places FULL page, FULL color ads in the FIRST THIRD of these magazine at discounts ranging from 20% to 60% off the published rates. PreGrid can also offer similar services in placing your video, television and internet advertising as well.

For those sponsors wanting to advertise in these Nationally syndicated magazines, this is a HUGE savings opportunity and worth your membership alone.

  • Financial options to help you grow

PreGrid has sponsorship relationships with many organizations including several financial Institutions that will help you by suplimenting your marketing budget..

Commercial Banks make their profits from lending against their deposits. The more deposits they have on hand, the higher the ability to lend is. They earn up to 30% or more on the money they lend and that returns huge profits for these banks in the billions of dollars per year.

Every bank in the US has a commercial banking division that is in the business of securing NEW deposits to increase their lending leverages. This is where PreGrid steps in on your behalf…

Our banking sponsors want YOUR deposits and they are willing to supliment your marketing budget to move your banking to their institution. Not like "free checking", but percentage points against the money they make on your deposits. While each rate is usually negotiated individually, PreGrid has a unique relationship with several institutions to use our COMBINED deposits to increase our rewards for using their services and allowing them to earn a return on our funds.

In exchange for using their services, they return back to your marketing budget several percentage points of the profits they turn on your deposits. In other words, THEY PAY INTO YOUR MARKETING BUDGET on your behalf. This money is deposited back into the PreGrid pools, funds the drivers, pays your way through the program and gives you INCREASE marketing exposure to levels you could not possible afford on your own.


These Business-to-Business relationships extend far beyond the banking benefits… Working with fellow PreGrid sponsors exposes your company to many discounted and lucrative business relationships that directly increases your profitability. All this WHILE increasing your exposure through the PreGrid sponsorship pools.

For example, if your company happens to be a car dealership and you purchase a lot of tires for your new and used vehicles, a relationship with one of our tire sponsors might not only provide your company with discounted tire purchases but kink back several percent of your annualized purchase amount towards your marketing budget.

The concept is the same, you develop huge advertising budgets to market and promote your company through the Business-to-Business relationships within PreGrid.

These kinds of benefits merely skim the surface of what can be accomplished by being part of the PreGrid community and participating in the PreGrid pools… Give me a call and we can personally discuss any of these, or any other options for you and your company.

  • Fees

There is NO charge for sponsor memberships. There is NO charge for media placement quotes. There is NO charge for participating in the financing pools. All fees are paid by the companies in support of the PreGrid members. For example, media placement commissions are negotiated directly with the publishers on behalf of the sponsors and are paid by the publishers.

PreGrid does commission a small portion of the fee gathered through its sponsorship efforts to support the Programs but returns 85% or more of the funds directly to the drivers' pools. These funds are used to increase the number of drivers carrying your company likeness and generate the massive exposure only PreGrid can provide.

Contingency prize sponsorships, discount awards and on-line purchase sponsorships are negotiated individually for discounted purchases by PreGrid on behalf of its members. Direct benefits to drivers and sponsors by PreGrid sponsors never carry a markup.

Sponsorship media can be placed on PreGrid materials, websites, PreGrid vehicles, PreGrid drivers uniforms or at PreGrid sponsored events. In addition, PreGrid can negotiate other media placement opportunities at non-PreGrid sponsored events, inserted print media or hand-outs.

The size and location of your representation is based on the level of sponsorship provided. Larger sponsors are given increased and more prominent space, while PreGrid series or corporate sponsors are given permanent space on all PreGrid vehicles. The sponsorship levels can increase or decrease per event, driver or series and vehicle space is adjusted accordingly.

Graphics, decals and other media costs are the sole responsibility of the sponsor but can be taken directly out of the PreGrid Business-to-Business benefits. Sponsors are encouraged to prepare and deliver the media to PreGrid and its drivers with adequate amount of time for proper installation. Sponsors may opt for their media to be applied by their source at their cost.

Event sponsorships, special events, costs for special appearances or other unique activities such as product releases, vehicle testing or test/track days are all negotiated individually as needed or as part of your overall Sponsorship Agreement.

Certain fees apply for internet development and hosting services.

For more questions or to discuss specific details regarding membership, costs and benefits, please contact your PreGrid sales representative.


 $   Fees Schedule

Sponsor Membership: FREE
Sponsor Research: FREE

Media Placement Quote: FREE
Media Placement Commission: Included

Media Production: Sponsor's Cost
Media Application: Sponsor's Option


 ?   What do Sponsors Get?

While every Sponsor has different needs and target demographics, in general a sponsor receives from PreGrid:

- Demographically Targeted Exposure at a single, multiple or a series of events

- Access to Driver and Team data

- Presence on the Team's Race Vehicle

- A presence on the sponsored Drivers and Team web sites

- A presence on the PreGrid Website

- The ability to market and sell through the PreGrid website

- Access to all the Sponsor Benefits & Programs such as Discounted Media Placement, Discounted Products and Services and the PreGrid Business-to-Business Network.

- Optional Programs Include -

Direct Event Promotions and distribution of Marketing Materials, Film and Video Production

Special Events, Product Releases or other Promotional Gatherings

One-on-one assistance in developing additional marketing options, funding and placement beyond PreGrid

Active Buisness-to-Business relationship building and sales

Funding and Financial Assistance such as Factoring, Direct to Manufacturer Discounting and Improved Banking Returns

Many more Programs are coming on-line with each and every new Sponsor and Corporate Partnership we receive.

 !   Frequently Asked Questions
How much does Sponsorship Cost?
PreGrid Sponsorships offer flexible options to fit your budget while providing increased exposure for each dollar spent. Typical Sponsorships are similar in cost to the broader market but the same advertising dollar is spread over many cars, drivers, teams and events lowering your cost per impression.

Exactly how am I saving money?
It's not about spending less, it's about getting more...

For example: a Sponsor generally spends $100,000 a year supporting a Drag Team. Even a successful team is limited by the fan base and reach of the event through coverage and media. Assuming that Team runs 10 events a year with an audience of 10,000 spectators (or 100,000 impressions per year), that's a cost per impression of $1 Dollar per impression.

Assume again, that same team appears several times per event, that reduces the cost per impression to as little as $.30 cents per impression... pretty economical.

Now imagine that same Sponsor is a PreGrid Sponsor and that same $100,000 a year is covering more than just one Drag Car... It's being applied to 6 Drag cars, 4 Road Course Cars, 3 Rally Cars, 5 Motorcycles and 2 Race Boats. That's 20 Vehicles carrying that Sponsor at over 50 events per season reaching over a Million Spectators. The resulting reduction of the cost per impression falls below a penny per impression.

What is the Return on Investment?
Advertising is about reaching as many targeted buyers as possible in the most cost effective manner. While predicting the number of exposed customers that will respond and purchase your goods or service is difficult, the laws of averages dictates the higher the exposure the larger the return.

Working in your favor is the fact that not only are you reaching a larger group of buyers for far less money, you are also part of a community of dedicated, brand-loyal consumers, the PreGrid Members themselves, that need, buy and share the kinds of products or services you sell.



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