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Driver Information, Benefits and Terms

Drivers, Teams and Owners Membership is divided by the levels of service desired: Basic Memberships, Promotional Memberships and Managed Memberships. For short, we call these "Tiers" of Membership.

-- It is more than just a "get paid to race" program. --

It is the plan and intent of the PreGrid Program for the Tiers to build upon each other. The Program is designed to move you from Pool Participant, through Promotional Sponsorships into a Managed Career.

Our ultimate desire is to see Tier One Drivers take advantage of the Training and Sponsorship Opportunities and be Sponsored into Tier Two and gain even more experience, income and exposure. From there, PreGrid seeks to work with each and every Driver to gain a "factory ride" or other significant Sponsorship Opportunity that identifies a "Professional" Driver as someone employed to Race.

  • Tier One – Basic Membership

We encourage all Drivers and Teams to start out in and continue to use the Tier One Membership. This Tier is the backbone of the PreGrid Program. Regardless of your current or hopeful Motorsports status, this Tier is designed to provide the Training, Tools, Resources and Opportunities to propel your Sponsorships.

At this level, the Driver/Team receives their own, uniquely identified PreGrid Website that is managed and updated to follow their Motorsports activities throughout the year. This powerful tool allows Sponsors to review your events, results and include you in his Sponsorship Package.

This also provides you with a READY source of information to share with your Fans, potential Sponsors and Sanctioning Bodies allowing you to focus on your Racing.

Of course, another big benefit to the Tier One Membership is the ability to participate in the Pool Sponsorships. These Sponsorship opportunities pay you to carry the Sponsor Media at your events. All you need to do to be eligible to receive these funds is to accept the offer, show up to race and carry the Media.

At the end of the event, PreGrid, on behalf of the Sponsors, awards the Competitors in the Pools their checks either physically at the event itself, through the Mail or at a Special Event Gathering.

Also included in your Tier One Membership is a subscription to our on-line version of PREGRID Magazine , in which we share helpful hints and tricks to become more attractive to Sponsors through presentation, image management and general showmanship. In addition, support products and services are available at a Member Discount including Training Manuals, Training Seminars and Personal Image Management specialists and Consultants.

Drivers need to understand that the most winning of Drivers stand little chance for a longer term, Corporate level Sponsorship deal if they can't present themselves in a manner representative of the Sponsor.

A Tier One Membership is $99 per year with a $30 one time setup fee. Your website will be set up, your specific data included and you will be given your unique address in the form “”

The $99 annual fee is due by one day prior to your anniversary. If the Annual Fee is not paid, PreGrid understand you do not wish to renew your membership and no longer partake in our Services or the Sponsorship Pools.

Fees may be paid via Internet access and a valid credit card, debit card or checking account, PayPal, Check, Money Order or Cash in person with receipt from an Authorized PreGrid Sales Representative.

You may opt for an automatic renewal in which your Membership will be authorized approximately one month prior to the end of the service term.

If you opt for Automatic Renewal and want to cancel your Membership, YOU MUST CANCEL PRIOR TO THE END OF YOUR CURRENT MEMBERSHIP TO AVOID CHARGES TO YOUR PAYMENT METHOD. We will continue to bill you on an annual basis for your Membership until you cancel. You may cancel your subscription at anytime.

  • Tier Two – Promotional Memberships

In addition to the benefits and services provided with your Tier One Membership, Tier Two Members are individually promoted directly to interested Sponsors for stand alone events and opportunities or higher revenue shares and responsibilities. Tier Two Drivers are specifically targeted or identified by Sponsors based on performance, image, demographic needs or other criteria.

PreGrid takes its Driver Training Program to new levels with Tier Two Drivers as well, providing personalized training, assigning Image and Career Management to assist the Driver in developing the next level of Sponsor Relationships. Your Career Manager will provide you with personalized scheduling and management to keep you at events, earning sponsorship dollars and building your own, personal branding. This is the foundation for your Tier Three, full Corporate Sponsorships that Motorsports careers are made of.

Drivers can achieve Tier Two Memberships in one of two ways… A) Purchase or B)Promotion. Either way, the Tier Two Driver has an increased standard of presentation and professionalism that is implied with more direct sponsorship.

Regardless of how you enter the Tier Two Program, The Tier Two Membership costs $249 per year for Tier One Members. With the Promotion Option, PreGrid and the supporting Sponsors PAYS the Tier Two Fees on behalf of the Driver or Team so they are, literally, sponsored into the Tier Two Program.

Once you are a Tier Two Driver, your Annualized Fee remains $249 due at your anniversary. That annual fee can and may be continued by either you or your Sponsor. You will retain membership in the Tier One Pool as well.

If you want to cancel your Membership, YOU MUST CANCEL PRIOR TO THE END OF YOUR CURRENT MEMBERSHIP TO AVOID CHARGES TO YOUR PAYMENT METHOD. We will continue to bill you on an annual basis for your Membership until you cancel. You may cancel your subscription at anytime.

  • Tier Three – Managed Memberships

At this point you are a "Professional" Driver in that you are getting offers of employment or other significant financial support to race. You have reached our ultimate goal for your career and PreGrid was there all along the way. PreGrid will continue to support you in your Racing Career by transitioning its support to Active Management rather than simply a sponsorship opportunist. Your PreGrid Representative will negotiate deals with you and your Sponsor on your behalf, arrange your Schedules and prepare your events, interviews and other showings.

Fees are based on a percentage of the Sponsorship Agreements and are generally Annual in nature. Your contract with PreGrid can also be negotiated and sold with your consent to Factory or other Sponsors interested in making you a full time part of their Team.

PreGrid offers you our heart felt applause and reminds you not to forget your roots. Share your successes with other PreGrid Drives, Teams and Sponsors and don't forget to give us those Interviews for our Website and Magazine!


 S   Summary of Agreement

- Join as a Tier One Member - $129 ($99 annually, $30)
- Membership Includes your new Website, Email and Hosting for the year
- Membership includes special PreGrid Member Discounts on products and services from participating Sponsors
- Upgrade to Tier Two if desired (or Promoted) for addional Sponsorship Opportunities and Events
- Membership does not guarantee employment
- Participation in Sponsorship Pools generates Payments
- You must carry the Sponsors Logo to qualify for Payment as well as the PreGrid Logo
- Logos are supplied as Sponsor's cost
- You apply the Logo in the requestion position
-You must participate (compete) in the event to qualify for Payment. You will still get paid if you DNF but you MUST start the event
- Payments will be made at the conclusion of the event, in Person or via Postal Mail
- Participation in more Pools generates more funds!

 !   Frequently Asked Questions

If a Team signs up, does each Driver need to have a separate membership?
In short, Yes. Why? Because Sponsors may want to sign a Driver of a Team for a specific event rather than the entire team. For instance, if a Team has a Female Driver and the Sponsor's Demographic Profile requires a Female, a "TEAM" Membership would exclude her from participating in that pool, while and individual membership would allow her to participate.

On the other hand, when a Sponsor is looking for a Profile that fits a TEAM association, the Team Information you entered in your application links you to Team Members to take advantage of that specific opportunity.

The database also dynamically links you to other requested Profiles such as Racing Type, Make or Model of vehicle or any number of other criteria.

Our goal is to create the widest field of opportunities for you, as well as your Team, to participate in.

How can I jump right into Tier Two Membership?
All PreGrid Members need to participate in the Pools in order to continue the value and attraction to the Sponsors as well as keep Sponsorship Revenue Opportunities moving your direction. Tier Two Memberships allow for additional, individual or special opportunities.

There are TWO ways to get your Tier Two Membership... Join the Tier Two Program or get SPONSORED into the Tier Two Program. In the latter case, you have set yourself apart through your performance or presence to PreGrid and/or its Sponsors and PreGrid will PAY YOUR WAY into Tier Two.

You don't have to wait, promotion takes time and effort on your part and not everyone is promoted into Tier Two.

How do I become a Tier Three Member?
Tier Three Members are Drives that are "Employed" in the business of Motorsports. These Drivers have been specifically Identified by Sponsors through the PreGrid Program. PreGrid has negotiated their Contracts on their behalf and their memberships are now governed by the Terms of their Sponsorship Agreements. Fees are Commissioned and Annual Dues are no longer required.

Why does PreGrid give away so much for so little?
Driver Success draws Sponsors to our Program. If you succeed, We succeed. PreGrid wants to be the first stop on any Sponsor's list for Marketing, Advertising and looking for the new, fresh face of their Motorsports Campaign.

By training, placing, promoting and contracting your motorsports career, we gain market dominance over other promoters and advertisers.

Remember, PreGrid was founded by Drivers like You. We remember what it was like to struggle for a set of tires or an entry fee.


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